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Hey hey, welcome to Sunday Sanctuary. What is Sunday Sanctuary?? Well, it is a little of food, interior decors and all thing home which would be based on my experiences and opinions. Sunday Sanctuary segment is to create that easy cosy Sunday vibes.

A little fact about me is that I love have a deep affection for all things food- from cooking to consuming. You know the affection is bad when you’re willing to pay £20 for a salad- it was divine btw.

So, welcome and enjoy x

Ma’ Plucker


Name: Ma’ Plucker

Location: 75 Beak Street, London, W1F 9SS

Cost: £

Ma’Plucker is a chicken restaurant in Soho, London. While it is a small restaurant, the atmosphere is warm, homely and easy going. I first came across Ma’ Plucker due to a quick google search for restaurants nearby the Starbucks I was in. It was raining [typical UK weather], so my friend and I wanted to find somewhere close by and that were not chain restaurants- there were loads btw. After extensively looked at their Instagram, we set off to find it. [apart from reviews, this is how I mostly decide on where to eat]

As it was around 6 pm, the lack of lights and a not very distinctive entrance – apart from the small sign outside, it was a bit difficult to find the restaurant. The dark chalky grey [which I love] also made it harder.

Location: 8/10

After been allowed to choice our table [it wasn’t busy] we were given the menu by an extremely welcoming waitress. The staffs were very friendly, helpful and always ready to help. The tone of all the staffs gave the restaurant an easy and casual feel. So, it’s okay to turn up in ripped jeans and a white tee. Also, the decorations were amazing and fitted with the brand’s identity of comfort home with a modern twist through the bright pop of yellow.

Atmosphere: 10/10 for a casual restaurant

Here is the important part- the FOOD itself. As it was well-known for its chicken, I tried the classic southern comfort food combination of chicken and waffles with maple chilli glaze. The waffles were perfect! Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside while still able to soak up all the glaze. The crispy buttermilk chicken breasts were juicy but it did lack in the seasoning department. // If thyme or rosemary was added to either the buttermilk or waffle mixtures, this would give the whole dish a bit more character.//

Taste: 8/10ma'pluck collage.png

If I am living in London and looking for fried chicken then Ma’ Plucker is where I would be. You will be guaranteed a good home-cooked style chicken will amazing sides and sauces. I’ve tried both Kansas BBQ and maple chilli glaze which were rich and complemented the chicken and waffles dish amazingly. // Similarity: HEN Restaurant //

Overall: ★★★★★



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