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Name: Pompoko

Location: 110 Church Street, Brighton, BN1 1UD

Cost: £ [extreamly cheap]

I would consider Pompoko as my go-to place if I’m unsure of what or where to eat- I have never been disappointed by their food. Pompoko is a Japanese restaurant offering noodle and donburi dishes rather than traditional sushi, which is available everywhere in Brighton. While they don’t have their own Instagram account- click here to check out their IG tag or here for their website.

Located near the Brighton Dome, it is a small restaurant with street seating. It is very easy to find due to its location- the restaurant front faces the main street. While it is a little way from Churchill Square, which is where all buses coming to and from the city stop, it is an ideal location due to other surrounding restaurants.

Location: 10/10

When you think of small restaurants, there are faults such as people being seated extremely close to each other, loud conversations and feeling of counterphobic… well it is a little bit that BUT not to the point where you’re touching the person next to you or where you couldn’t hear your friends. It is a warm and welcoming place with wonderful staffs ready to help and accommodate your needs.

Atmosphere: 8/10

Now the food itself. THREE MAIN THINGS about the food at Pompoko is that it is QUICK, FRESH AND ALWAYS DELICIOUS! The are lots on the menu for such a small place, variations of meats from chicken to prawns. I would recommend everything on the menu, but here are my current favourites.

Takoyaki [Japaness octopus balls]

➤  Gyoza Dumpings [filled with chicken and vegetables]

➤  Pork Nanban Don [ breadcrumbed pork marinated in a sweet sour sauce]

Taste: 10/10pompoko

Overall: ★★★★★

Overall, Pompoko is an easy-going restaurant with a fast service and delicious food. It is amazing for introducing friends to Japanese food, for a catch-up and for value for money.

So, what is your favourite Japanese dish?

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