Pork & Co., Canterbury | Review

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Here is another restaurant review.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


Name: Pork & Co.

Location: 18 & 27 Sun Street , Canterbury, CT1 2HX

Cost: £

After a day of rest, planning and scheduling for the upcoming weeks, a sudden craving of pulled pork occurred.

If you’re in Canterbury or surrounding area of Kent, Pork & Co. is well renowned for its 14 hours slow roasted pulled pork rolls. Their hand-pulled pork is incredibly soft, juicy and tender.

Pork & Co. first opened its doors as a takeaway establishment but as its popularity grew, they opened their Bar and Kitchen just a couple shops down the road of the original shop.

Don’t forget to check out their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!


Both of the takeaway shop and bar & kitchen is located just a few seconds walk from the Cathedral. The takeaway shop is small but perfect for a quick grab-and-go. While the menu is not as extensive as the Bar & Kitchen, it has a window display which is extremely provocative to some.

Location: 10/10

The Bar & Kitchen is layout creates a chilled vibe where you can sit and are allow to pick and choose your own records. Even through the takeaway shop gives a very similar feel, if you want to experience the luxuriousness of the restaurant experience with more food options then head down the road to the Bar & Kitchen. However, during peak times [lunch and dinner] at the bar & kitchen and takeaway shop [lunch] do expect to wait due to its popularity.

Even if you have to wait, the staffs are extremely nice and quick to cater for your needs. The relaxed atmosphere makes the bar & kitchen an amazing place for a good catch up or a first date location.

Atmosphere: 9/10

And finally…

the food itself!

My favourite and go-to order is the 14 hours pulled pork roll with the apple butter, chilli slaw, crackling and chips with a glass of cranberry juice. At Pork & Co., you would pick your meal, sauce[s] and slaw[s].

Here are my top recommendations to try:

➤ Straight Up | Patty, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion Chutney, Burger Sauce, Pickle & Chips

➤ Chicken Strips | Strips, Sauce, Slaw & Chips

➤ The Big Boy | Patty, Bacon, Pulled Pork Mac N Cheese, Pickle, Burger Sauce & Chips

Whatever you order at Pork & Co., you WILL NEVER be disappointed!! This is because of the care and love they put into their craft and provided food with great taste and supreme quality.

Taste: 10/10


Overall: ★★★★★


So, all I can say is, if you’re around the Kent area then


Pork & Co.!

You wouldn’t regret it!!



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