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Hey hey,

It’s Wednesday Wardrobe again!

The last two Wednesday Wardrobe has been focused on my friends and how I’ve styled them according to their aesthetic and likes.


This Wednesday Wardrobe

is about


ME, Myself and I!

Mono Me WW.jpg

My personal daily style is based on a smart chic business woman with a hint of mystery. I typically throw over a long coat/jacket to dress up basics.


This outfit is for that quick pop down the road, food shopping or a brunch outfit! The jumper is oversized and could be turned into a dress if paired with high thigh boots which is seen everywhere rn.

me ww .jpg

While I kept the overall makeup very simple, the bold Instagram brows made it looked like I’ve tried that day. Anyways, to upgrade the simple makeup ‘no makeup’ makeup look, just use highlighters which give a fresh or dewy effect- which is also trending everywhere as well.

mm me .jpg

Jacket// Topshop

Jumper // Zara

Belt // H&M

Jeans // Zara

Boots // New Look

Something you might quickly learn about me is that…




What is your go-to clothing shop?



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