The Royal Native Oyster Stores, Whitstable | Review

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Hey hey,

Happy Sunday


welcome back to Sunday Sanctuary!

As today was extremely cold, this just reminded me of how much I love spring! The fresh flowers, food and outfits!

So, to me

spring = seafood! 

details wofc1.jpg

details WOFC.jpgName: The Royal Native Oyster Stores

Location: Horsebridge Rd, Whitstable, CT5 1BU

Cost: ££ 

As mentioned, spring represent fresh start! This is why I love the Royal native oyster stores- they provide fresh seafood dishes that are prepared amazingly.

Follow their Instagram for more photos and updates!

The restaurant is located right in front of the beach and it is within the Whitstable Oyster Fishery Company store. It is very easy to locate because of the unique building and easy to spot entrance. 

Location: 9/10

The sea smell, wind and seagulls set the perfect atmosphere for the restaurant! The rustic theme of wooden, simplistic and traditional decoré created a homely feeling yet still very chic which I adore so much. The wooden tables, exposed brick walls and white accents decorations were some of my favourite things about the restaurant! 

The staffs were extremely hospitable, quick and friendly! Our waitress at the time knew the today’s special and the whole menu off by heart which reflects how much the restaurant cares about their products and customers. I have never visited a restaurant where waitresses knew everything that was available!

Atmosphere: 10/10

The important part… what I ate!


I would totally RECOMMEND EVERYTHING ON THE MENU! I know this might sound extream BUT they offer some of the freshest seafood available! They don’t over complicate their dishes but kept the cooking process simple and allow for the seafood to take centre stage instead. With most seafood restaurant, I always feel like the over seasoning or sides always take away the quality and taste of the seafood itself!

Taste: 10/10

Overall: ★★★★★



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