Perfect Valentine’s Day | S1

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Hey hey and we’re back! 

This time Wednesday Wardrobe is going to be based on Valentine’s Day! 

While I am a single pringle, I still love to dress up for dates night with my girls- one of my favourite pass time activities!


This dress is pretty thin as there is only a slip-on dress underneath, so on a cold day, it would not be ideal. However, the dress does complement all figure, shape and size due to the sheer materials which make it extremely adjustable. For example, as the dress is a little bit long for my preference, I’ve added a belt to raise up the helm line for a more flirty feel.


I know that this is an all black outfit and most ‘Valentine’s Day looks’ will consist of a pop of red, pink tone pieces but this could be easily done through accessories!. I think the sheerness of the dress and the deep V added an essence of spice and sexiness to the whole look without revealing too much!


BTW: This is not sponsored by H&M, I just really like their recent releases!

I hope this is an inspiration to anyone who’s looking for

a cute dinner date outfit


just want to rock an all black look!

*side notes: look at those calves tho!!- ty cycling 🚴🏼

Comment if you spot CovetLuxe in the video




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