Perfect Valentine’s Day | S2

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Hey hey,

Fri-Yay is a segment focusing on beauty and lifestyle from travelling to hacks, tips and DIY [i’m not sure on the DIY part yet]


as part of my Perfect Valentine’s Day series, today’s post will be based on what I would do before getting ready!! This is the pre-pre getting ready in 6 steps btw.

This could be for anyone in any kind of relationship. Netflix still counts right?? That is one of my longest relationships yet! [Thank you GS]

Anyways, shall we…


Research your outfits | this is a major key as the rest will fall into place if you know what you’re going to be wearing. Depending on how I feel that day and what I’m doing, I would pick one main piece and build my outfit from there.

Check out my Pinterest for inspiration…

Winter style | Latte and black boots


Summer/spring style | Sunkissed & coconut water


What you already have | after getting inspired by your research, everyone always think that they need to buy new pieces to look good. This is WRONG– well depends on the pieces. If you were inspired by a limited collection of Chanel Couture Spring Collection, it is very unlikely that you would find something even similar to their design.

Anyways, have a look at what you have in your closet and see what you have and try to find something similar to your inspired look. Most outfit tends to have one piece of basics such as black jeans, jacket and/or simple tee.


Plan the second outfit | I know this might sound crazy and why would you put yourself through the process of finding another outfit. Well, I don’t know about you but sometimes I change my mind at the very last minutes just because if I didn’t really feel the outfit.

So I always have my backup outfit which is ‘all black everything’. You might figure this out already that I love black… it is my go-to colour. Black jeans and black top. If I want to add colours to my outfit, I would do through accessorising with rings, necklaces and shoes.


Decide your makeup look | I know that not everyone goes all out with the Instagram makeup look but researching on what look you’re aiming for will reduce the time on the day. This will decrease your stress level.

If you’re trying that cut creased or glitter eyes then I would recommend practising it at least once if you have never tried it before- trust me on this, attempt cut crease when you only have 30 minutes to get ready will not go well 😂


Prep your skin | this is a must especially if you’re planning to go out clubbing as your skin will dehydrate much faster than a romantic dinner date kind of night. I always try to make sure that on the day, I would leave enough time to apply a hydrating face mask and then tone my skin and add moisture back to my skin through either oil or serum. 


Enjoy the process |  If your makeup didn’t turn out how you wanted it and your outfit is not exactly like your inspired look, DON’T WORRY.

Remember, it is not what you look like that makes memories, it’s the company[ies] and being in the moment!




Have an amazing night,

whether you’re going to a candle lit dinner, 


out with the girls/guys,


just sitting on the sofa with bae [real life or Netflix] 

Comment what are your pre-pre getting ready routine!






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