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Hey, hey

WHHHAAAATTT, it is not a restaurant review…?

What is happening?

I know, but it is still about food.

As part of the ‘Perfect Valentine’s Day’ series, here are some ideas on what to make at home rather than splashing money a meal at a restaurant- the prices and service charge are ridiculous just because it’s Valentine’s Day!


If you’re an early morning person and the idea of breakfast in bed is your ideal surprise then here are some of the easiest recipes to try and impress your significant other with your cooking skills.


Photograph by Laura Edwards


Pancakes are perfect for pairing with coffee [tea, if you don’t like coffee] in the morning. The smell of pancake and butter cooking doesn’t wake you up, I don’t what will. Garnished with raspberries and crème fraîche to cut the sweet and sickliness feeling of when you’ve eaten too many pancakes- remember the feeling of pancake day which is coming very soon!

For my non-UK peeps,

Pancake Day [Shrove Day] is where you’re allowed to eat as many pancakes as you want without feeling too bad. But, you will not want to eat pancakes for the next couple of weeks. 


Baked eggs with mushrooms, potatoes, spinach and gruyère

I know that not everyone loves sweet breakfast, so here is the healthier version of a full English breakfast. This will be amazing for a day filled with activities! The balance of freshness from the mushrooms and spinach with the creamy consistency of eggs creates a balance of taste.

If you’re going to try this recipe, I would recommend adding spinach at the end of the cooking time as it would retain more of its texture compared to the wilted feel. The residual heat will cook the spinach if you don’t like the green taste.


Depending on what the weather is like and where you are in the world… here are some light lunch ideas which will be perfect for any occasion, not just on Valentine’s day.


Sweet potato, lentil and feta salad [VG]

If you’re planning a heavy dinner date, this is an ideal recipe for a quick lunch which will ensure to leave enough room for dinner. It is a simple, filling and tasty salad which can be made before hand. This is also perfect for a day-to-day lunch!

P.S. if you’re a meat lover, then this is amazing with grilled or oven baked chicken breast with a spicy marinate. 


Grilled shrimp Vietnamese spring rolls

If you’re planning to spend time together during the day instead of night, Vietnamese spring rolls are amazing for a food date! It is interactive, easy and delicious! Vietnamese spring rolls use rice paper rather than the traditional filo pastry. It also does not require heat such as baking or frying.

Finally, it is extremely customisable depends on preference and taste. So, instead of shrimps, you can change it for chicken [for my meat lovers], tofu [for my vegetarians] and quinoa [for my vegans]. You could also make it into a dessert dish by replacing your protein/carb with fruits such as strawberries, peaches and apples instead. For the dipping sauce, you can have varieties of chocolate!

While there are loads of ingredients to prepared beforehand, the process of making it is extremely enjoyable.

It is a social food!


Having a dinner date does not always imply the 3-course meal cause I know that it takes time and planning.

Here are a simple dinner recipe ideas which would be quick, yummy and adjustable!



Prosciutto wrapped goat cheese stuffed dates

This is a quick and easy starter which doesn’t require a lot of planning and can be prepared early on in the day. It is the best of both sweet and savoury world- hello Hannah Montana😂



Creamy leeks and gorgonzola risotto

I always find risotto as a great dish to impress someone with as you can always over or under cooking it. This is based on the person’s preference.

My secret to creating a flavourful risotto is the stock. Don’t put too much of it! this will overpower other favour and it becomes more of a rice soup. 



No-Bake strawberry chocolate tart

While there are your classic ‘chocolate fondant and strawberry’ is great- you can never go wrong with a classic.


This rich tart is even better, especially if it is paired with a glass of red wine!

I know that some people are not a fan of dessert, so another favourite pass time food to me is


Cheese board

This could be customised according to your needs and wants. But I would recommend baked Camembert with carmelised red onion and cranberry sauce with cripsy oven baked prosciutto!


There are hundreds of recipes for the perfect 3-course dinner- even BuzzFeed covered this! To me, if you’re planning a dinner date, do what you both can eat and made before!

When trying out new recipes is a great idea, adventurous and all- the stress of perfecting the night [especially Valentin’s day date] can cause for a not so perfect date night. 


Hope this help inspired everyone with food ideas! I think an ideal date for me will always involves food in some sort of way!

What is your ideal date idea?


** Disclaimer: All photos on this post are not my own unless stated otherwise, they’re taken from Pinterest or credited websites **


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