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Hey hey,

I’ve spent yesterday night treating myself to a ‘cheese & wine’ night for 3 reasons.



My first reason was the fact that it was Valentine’s day and I don’t have a bae, I celebrated myself. To be truly happy to me is to be able to be happy by yourself as your vibe will transfer to others around you. So celebrate being YOU! Anyways, I hoped you spent it with someone/things that make you smile, as doing the opposite is just insane.



In life, we go through different stages, first was being able to walk, going to school, turning 16, made it to uni and so on… There’s never a moment where you don’t think about the NEXT thing. This itself is extremely sad, for you to live your one life just looking to tick off the next big stage in life and not living in the now! So, I treated myself for being okay with what I have, where I am in life and knowing that I’m doing okay.

Living life like you’re on a train is just not the way to be, not being able to stop and appreciated the little things like watch the sunset or see the new spring flowers can stop you from appreciating the now.

I’m not saying don’t aim for your dreams and aspirations, I’m saying while you’re trying to achieve what you want, stop and appreciate what you have now as well.



This is the reason why I named my blog Sweet & Spice of Life- reaching my two main goals was so rewarding but at times extremely hard- Sweet & Spice. I reached my main blog’s goals of ‘reaching 100 followers and 1,000 views by 1/1/18’. When I started, I thought this was an extremely high number for someone who doesn’t know anything about the blogger community and how to blog itself. I started blogging as a creative outlet- which is extremely cliché but I want to blog because I wanted to show people my contents and what I like/aesthetic/ taste. I’ve been creating since I was 10 but never publish or even show anyone because it was for me and my enjoyment- as you might be able to tell, I am quite a private person. However, I then realised that it’s okay to show people what you’re doing and be open with your achievements in life. 

Enjoy the now.

As I posted my first post back on the 1st of January, I didn’t expect a lot because that post was extremely personal to me and was more for my reflection. But, as I officially started to blog [within my set schedule] I was at the stage of ‘love to blog because I like to create contents’ but I am human and sometimes I need validation through a number. At the beginning, the views and visitors numbers were lower than my expectation, but after I nominated for my first award, I began to care less and less about the figure- it is hard and I still care from time to time obvs- I am human.

So, for hitting 100 followers and over 1,000 views, my nominated awards of Blog-Aholic and Versatile Blogger, I am giving you, my friends- yes, as a follower, you automatically become my friends these awards!

I am truly grateful and thankful for the amount of support given to me within the past month!

 Thank you again!

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How was your Valentine’s Day?



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