Rafael’s at The Goods Shed, Canterbury | Review 

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Hey hey,

Today’s review is on the Rafael’s which has been on my wish list since moving here. Two of my main reasons for wanting to dine here were due to its reputation and freshness of ingredients. 


Name: Rafael’s at The Goods Shed

Location: Station Road West, Canterbury, CT2 8AN

Price: £££

Once you enter the double door of The Goods Shed, you will find yourself moved and transported to a country market from vegetables to bread. Once walking through and past the vegetable stalls, cheese counter and Italian café, you will reach a set of staircases. Once at the top, you will arrive at the restaurant. It is easy to find and identify due to the open floor plan at The Goods Shed. The Goods Shed itself is located next to the train station. 

Location: 10/10

Due to its location, the noise level can not be controlled as it would depend on how busy The Goods Shed market is. However, Due to the restaurant not having background music, the people hustling and bustling acts as the background music instead. To my personal preference, I didn’t mind the people talking and walking in the background as it gave the restaurant an authentic farm feels. 

The aesthetics of the restaurant is warm country home which I adore as somedays I’m kinda hood with an edge and somedays I’m kinda country who dreams of living on a farm. Dining at Rafael’s due to its aesthetic is relaxing, warmth and comfortable. Perfect for a date especially with the giant window which looks out onto the rail tracks. 

Atmosphere: 10/10

The best bits!!

The FOOD! 











Due to this being on my food wish list and my parents visiting, We decided to order 3 courses. 

For starters, we’ve ordered stream mussel with curry sauce, pâté, and purple cabbage with apple purée and mascarpone cheese. The vinegary cabbage with the caramelised apple and apple purée complement the salty mascarpone cheese amazing creating this perfect acidic, sugary/salty balance. The pâté was so smooth like you were eating soft butter. It was so divine! 

For the main, we had roasted lamb with bulgar wheat with gravy, steak and ale pie with seasonal vegetables and lastly grilled turbot and seasonal vegetables (sorry, I couldn’t remember what those fish balls were made of). However, all three dishes were amazing, perfectly cooked, seasoned and proportioned. 

Finally, all of three of us ordered the warm chocolate tart which was extremely rich so don’t be fooled by the size. However, it was pricey for the size. 

Taste: 10/10

Overall: ★★★★★

This is a place you should go if you’re  celebrating, a date or a special night because due to the price, it is not just a pop down the road for a bite kind of place. But, you will not be disappointed by the quality, service or your time there! 


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