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Hey hey,

I am extreamly sorry for not posting yesterday!! 

There was an extremely weak reason for not posting yesterday, and that I was on my ‘Readin Week’ which means a week of ‘reading and catching up with work’. Well, as my friend Emma (see my post on her style/photoshoot) was visiting and I went to visiting my other close friend, Kat in Cheltenham meant I didn’t have a lot of time to schedule my Sunday Sanctuary post. But, to make up for this, next Sunday Sanctuary post will be worth the wait- it is about my favourite meal time! BRUNCH!


I can’t confirm the official dates yet, but, I am planning a holiday in April and can’t wait to shop for summer clothes (hint hint *wink), eat amazing street food (another hint) and enjoy the wonderful views! But, right now back to the reality of Uni schedules, coursework (1/6 is due in today, ahh) and trying to balance the triangle (health, social life and uni). 

I hope these pictures and songs inspire and push you through this Monday morning!


// MUSIC //

Looking forwards so much to wear bright colours, well white and blues tones still count as bright colours right?? Also because it is going into spring, I’m changing from the light pink to this orange/red.

What’s you go-to pieces for spring/summer?



4 thoughts on “MONDAY MUSE

  1. Looks like we both have holiday plans this April! Where are you headed? After a LOT of clothes shopping recently I found that my comfort area is definitely black clothing lol – I’m trying to make it work for the summer!! We’ll see how that pans out for me.
    Elen x

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    1. It is being confirmed and booked this week but my family and I are planing to go home- Thailand! I’ve missed the food, the weather and the people so much and we haven’t taken a family in a year so.. I can’t wait. Even though I’m going 40+ degrees, I would still wear black too! I’m the kind of person who wear black jeans and black boots in 30+ whether. I just love the colour too much.
      So, I feel you on always wearing because that’s my comfort zone too 💕

      Where are you planing to go for your holiday? Also, can’t wait to see how you style it! Xx

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      1. That’s so cool! I’ve always wanted to visit Thailand, it seems like such an amazing place. It must be exciting to be going back too! Honestly when in doubt, I wear black. It’s such an easy colour to style😍I’m heading over to Egypt for the second time! It’s been two years since I last went and I’m very excited to explore a different part of the country. I’ll keep everyone updated on my outfits over my two weeks there x

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      2. I totally agree with black, it is just so timeless, clean and amazing with everything. I feel like everytime I go back, I would never fully take advantages of the country so hopefully this trip I would appreciate my home town more. Egypt is on my DWL (destination wish list), I’m always fascinated with the culture especially their food. My dream place to visit is the Siwa Oasis- heard amazing things about it. Where are you planning to visit exactly? p.s. can’t wait for your outfits! x

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