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Hey hey,

IT IS OFFICIALLY BOOKED! The flight tickets just have been booked for April 9th, to Bangkok, Thailand! Even though it hasn’t been long since my last visit back in 2015- my family would normally alternate Christmas here in the UK one year and Thailand the next.

Since I’m planning to be in my placement (hopefully- currently at 70% of me quitting) and we haven’t been on a proper holiday as a family in a while, this would be a perfect time.

Since now that it is officially confirmed, I want to fully explore my home turf as everytime I go back, I would never fully take advantage of it. Every time I’ve mentioned that I’m going to Thailand, everyone seems to be super excited and it is always on people’s destination wishlist. 

I know because of growing up there and visiting every 2 years meant I underestimated the beauty of the country and overlook the opportunities of full appreciating the country just because it’s home and I will always come back.


This post about what Thailand has to offer.

LOCATION: South East Asia

TEMEPTURE: 35+ °C with 100% precipitation

COST:  High flight tickets but low costs once arrive

SPECIAL EVENT: Songkran (look below for more details)

5 reasons for visiting Thailand!



Thailand is well-known for its street food and Bangkok is one the best place where you will find a fruit stand next to fried chicken stall. While the location of the stalls will not be appealing for most tourists, this is where you WILLtrulyy find the best food. The best-tasting food will not be at a restaurant where a dish could start from 250 baht (£5.00)- I know this might not sound expensive, but for what you pay for (the quality and taste), you can get the same dish for 50 baht (£1.00). So, why would spend so much money for a dish that would taste the same, sometimes better from the street stall?



Yes, Bangkok is extremely polluted- smog everywhere. The smog and business of the city can be extremely off-putting especially for first-time visitors as the fast paced and loud noises do not allow you to think and take in the city as you normally would.   

HOWEVER, once you’ve gotten used to the rush, noises and business, you’ll be able to appreciate everything Bangkok has to offer from the famous floating river markets (this is an extream must when visiting Bangkok as the market will transport you back to the olden day of Thailand and how Thai people used to live) to the many temples and super malls (there are as many temples as super malls- FACTS-ish)

Most floating river markets are open on Saturday only, so research the opening time and date before visiting. Also, some river market is located within or near a temple so please beware of your clothing choices. The market will offer hot food such as boat noodle and souvenirs of the local landmarks or just nick nacks. 

Another must attracts are temples (the most popular is Wat Pho due to the Reclining Buddha) which are extremely stunning. Again, when visiting temples (Wat), there are rules which are known by the locals which require tourist to follow as well. 

  1. You should cover your shoulders and knees
  2. DO take off your shoes
  3. Don’t shout, swear or being extremely noisy
  4. Do not run and remain quite once inside the temple
  5. NEVER at any point within the temple area POINT- not even for directions.
  6. Do not sit with the legs outstretched, as this is a sign of disrespect
  7. Females are not recommended to go straight up to monks as this is a sign of disrespect. If you’re approached a monk, do bow your head as a sign of respect. 
  8. DON’T take photos unless it is clear sign marked okay to do so.
  9. Step over the threshold rather than on it.
  10. Don’t smoke, spit and or chew gum within the temple premises.

While these rules are not clear shown or mentioned except clothing, as a visitor of a holy place, many local are expected that you know the etiquettes.

Supermalls are a place where you could spend a day and not full seen everything as it has clothing stalls, cinema, restaurants, salons and water park. The water will depend on how big the mall is, but this is a must especially if you can’t visit little islands and beaches. 




What more could I say about this? The tropical islands and beaches are probably the main reasons why everyone wants to visit Thailand. Due to the locations of most Island, Island hopping is a must! you will get the most out of what they have to offer from waterfalls to the deep green jungles. The clear turquoise water is a heaven on earth!



While many known Thailand for it central and southern regions, the North and Northeast are some of the most scenic and beautiful places you will ever see. Chiang Mai offers extremely contrast to Bangkok in terms of freshest and zen vibe. You can spend the morning pick tea leave and feed the elephants in the afternoon. While the Northeast offers the ability see how rice is grown and cooking classes which you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else with recipes handed down from great-grandparents. While the South offers fresh seafood and dream tropical locations and central being you the modern skyscrapers and vibrant nightlife. Thailand will allow you to have a taste of everything.



As I am visiting in April, we managed to book our tickets during the most fun and yet annoying festival of the year, Songkran. Songkran is a 3 days water fight celebration of the Thai’s Buddist New Year. From the 13th- 15th, every official governmental office are closed (apart from hospitals, fire department and police office) and for 3 days straight we have a giant water flight. So, you could be walking down the street and car car droved by and chuck water at you. This is legal and you can’t do anything about it apart from join in with the celebration! This would be both fun and annoying as the water flight doesn’t have an end time (day-to-night) you could get soaked when you’re on your way out to a nice dinner.

There are other festivals such as Loy Krathong, Lantern festivals and we even have Chiang Mai flower festival. 

If you have any questions or just want to know more, please comment below! 

I would love to know what you like to do if you’re going to visit Thailand?



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