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hey hey,


  1. 2nd year of university is done! all I have left is 7 finals ahh
  2. Due to loads of deadlines, this meant I have not posted in a while, super sorry!
  3. I’m back home [HOME] so this next 2 weeks will be lacking as well


if you check out my Instagram, you can follow my day-to-day [can’t promise a constant update as data and wifi signal is not great here]

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Even more updates on what’s happening and why I’ve been so quite…

it has been a crazy few months since the last uploads and updates

I’ve finished my finals (over four weeks now) and I know, WHY HAVEN’T I POSTED ANYTHING??. Well, since started this little thing, I’ve always wanted to create a space where I can create and control the contents but as many of you know, technically WordPress owns everything I put out through The Rooftop View. 

Since now I have more free time, I going to create more contents (more interior, more food, and definitely more fashion). I’m also going to dip my little fingers into beauty which might seem like a new thing to be blogging about, but, IRL, I ADORE beauty products from skin care to fragrances. So, please keep an eye out for my new site/blog/diary, but in the meanwhile, follow my IG (HERE) to keep up to date. I’m trying to achieve one of my year goals, which is to be more present whether in person or online- I need to learn to share and update people in my life of what is happening. This can be hard, as I’m quite a private person sometimes, I go through phases of not sharing anything to sharing every five minutes. To help me to achieve this goal, I’m planning to use my Twitter a bit more. I know, I don’t think people even know that I have a Twitter account haha…. if you want to keep updated with me… follow my Twitter (HERE) for instant thoughts updates rather than pictures and videos on IG.

Finally, my new site will be under a different name (because TRV.com is not available, sadly), self-hosted (because I want to own my own ideas) and self-designed (because I love to design) BUT it will be similar contents just with a new twist. So, please keep an eye out for the new site.



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