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hey hey,


  1. 2nd year of university is done! all I have left is 7 finals ahh
  2. Due to loads of deadlines, this meant I have not posted in a while, super sorry!
  3. I’m back home [HOME] so this next 2 weeks will be lacking as well


if you check out my Instagram, you can follow my day-to-day [can’t promise a constant update as data and wifi signal is not great here]

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Even more updates on what’s happening and why I’ve been so quite…

it has been a crazy few months since the last uploads and updates

I’ve finished my finals (over four weeks now) and I know, WHY HAVEN’T I POSTED ANYTHING??. Well, since started this little thing, I’ve always wanted to create a space where I can create and control the contents but as many of you know, technically WordPress owns everything I put out through The Rooftop View. 

Since now I have more free time, I going to create more contents (more interior, more food, and definitely more fashion). I’m also going to dip my little fingers into beauty which might seem like a new thing to be blogging about, but, IRL, I ADORE beauty products from skin care to fragrances. So, please keep an eye out for my new site/blog/diary, but in the meanwhile, follow my IG (HERE) to keep up to date. I’m trying to achieve one of my year goals, which is to be more present whether in person or online- I need to learn to share and update people in my life of what is happening. This can be hard, as I’m quite a private person sometimes, I go through phases of not sharing anything to sharing every five minutes. To help me to achieve this goal, I’m planning to use my Twitter a bit more. I know, I don’t think people even know that I have a Twitter account haha…. if you want to keep updated with me… follow my Twitter (HERE) for instant thoughts updates rather than pictures and videos on IG.

Finally, my new site will be under a different name (because TRV.com is not available, sadly), self-hosted (because I want to own my own ideas) and self-designed (because I love to design) BUT it will be similar contents just with a new twist. So, please keep an eye out for the new site.




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Hey hey,

And I’m back again with more awards!!I would love to thanks DazedMuse for my Mystery Blogger Award and the Blue Sky Tag nominations. Alexandra Vaman is an extremely stylish person with incredible eyes for up-coming style so check out her most recent trend spotting post! //  Top 5 Trends I Love For The Upcoming Fall //

I’m also been nominated by Covet Luxe for the Mystery Blogger as well. Check her page for great beauty reviews!!

The Mystery Award

The Rules For This Award Are:

  • Put the award logo/ image in your post
  • List all the rules
  • Thank whoever nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  • Nominate 10-20 people
  • Notify each one of your nominees by commenting on their blog
  • Ask nominees 5 questions of your choice; with a weird or funny question (specify)
  • Share the link to your best/favourite post of yours



ONE: I love all things food from cooking shows to cooking good

TWO: I can speak three languages [english- pretty good I think, Thai- standard but I can’t fluently unless I’m in Thailand and Laos- very little but I can definitely understand what you’re saying]

THREE: Another food fact, I enjoy grocery shopping but not as much as home decor because ever time I go into a store, I always plan out where I would put different the items in my room. So much fun.


  1. What makes you feel accomplished?

I’ve learned English to the University level in 10 years. It was a long journey!

2. What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Moving from Thailand to the UK- it was a massive culture shock. 

3. What is your greatest fear?

Not being happy and contempt with life

4. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I want to be able to fly! haha lol. For real, nothing

5. What is your weirdest “quirk”?

I love Thai mango salad. I could eat it everything single day if it doesn’t too long to prepare.


1. Where would you like to travel to someday?

Dream destination would be Japan!

2. How often do you shave? (weird, soz, I’m usually lazy)

Once a month if I remember

3. Your favourite skin care item?

Currently, I would have to say Pixi Glow Mist. Super hydrating!

4. Why you started your blog?

Because I want to document different stages in my life and also a place to create different content ideas (so look out!)

5. Your fave celebrity?

In terms of sassiness would be RhiRhi, Style- well check out my influencer post and my weekly Monday Muse for more details //HERE// & //HERE// Lifestyle and family: Blake and Ryan & Chrissy & John.

MY NOMINATIONS [I know it is not 10-20]

Eat sleep dress & repeat 

The August Clause


Black coffee breakfast

Chloé BDS

Claire Unveils 

Lola Summer



ONE: One thing you can’t leave the house without?

TWO: Go to clothing or beauty store… and why?

THREE: Ideal date either with someone or for yourself

FOUR: Where would you like to live in the future, even if it is just for a year

FIVE: Lastly, a food question. Pick 5 of these ingredients and come up with a dish [in need of ideas for tonight’s dinner]

// Salmon, courgettes, coconut oil, eggs, quinoa, chilli, garlic, sourdough bread, asparagus, tomatoes, basils, carrots, cinnamon, honey, raspberry jam, jalapenos, bananas, dark chocolate, salt, chilli [dry or fresh], spring onions, spinach, chickpeas and lastly flour //


MY FAVIOUTE POSTs [i have 2 atm]

STARRY EYES II & A GIRL WHO CAN DO BOTH! on my Wednesday Wardrobe section.






SWEET & SPICE OF LIFE | I did it mum & dad!

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Hey hey,

I’ve spent yesterday night treating myself to a ‘cheese & wine’ night for 3 reasons.



My first reason was the fact that it was Valentine’s day and I don’t have a bae, I celebrated myself. To be truly happy to me is to be able to be happy by yourself as your vibe will transfer to others around you. So celebrate being YOU! Anyways, I hoped you spent it with someone/things that make you smile, as doing the opposite is just insane.



In life, we go through different stages, first was being able to walk, going to school, turning 16, made it to uni and so on… There’s never a moment where you don’t think about the NEXT thing. This itself is extremely sad, for you to live your one life just looking to tick off the next big stage in life and not living in the now! So, I treated myself for being okay with what I have, where I am in life and knowing that I’m doing okay.

Living life like you’re on a train is just not the way to be, not being able to stop and appreciated the little things like watch the sunset or see the new spring flowers can stop you from appreciating the now.

I’m not saying don’t aim for your dreams and aspirations, I’m saying while you’re trying to achieve what you want, stop and appreciate what you have now as well.



This is the reason why I named my blog Sweet & Spice of Life- reaching my two main goals was so rewarding but at times extremely hard- Sweet & Spice. I reached my main blog’s goals of ‘reaching 100 followers and 1,000 views by 1/1/18’. When I started, I thought this was an extremely high number for someone who doesn’t know anything about the blogger community and how to blog itself. I started blogging as a creative outlet- which is extremely cliché but I want to blog because I wanted to show people my contents and what I like/aesthetic/ taste. I’ve been creating since I was 10 but never publish or even show anyone because it was for me and my enjoyment- as you might be able to tell, I am quite a private person. However, I then realised that it’s okay to show people what you’re doing and be open with your achievements in life. 

Enjoy the now.

As I posted my first post back on the 1st of January, I didn’t expect a lot because that post was extremely personal to me and was more for my reflection. But, as I officially started to blog [within my set schedule] I was at the stage of ‘love to blog because I like to create contents’ but I am human and sometimes I need validation through a number. At the beginning, the views and visitors numbers were lower than my expectation, but after I nominated for my first award, I began to care less and less about the figure- it is hard and I still care from time to time obvs- I am human.

So, for hitting 100 followers and over 1,000 views, my nominated awards of Blog-Aholic and Versatile Blogger, I am giving you, my friends- yes, as a follower, you automatically become my friends these awards!

I am truly grateful and thankful for the amount of support given to me within the past month!

 Thank you again!

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How was your Valentine’s Day?



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A fashion post on a Thursday??

I know I know, but these photos are so good and shouldn’t just be kept to myself.

P.s. We are definitely not a Girl Band… but this was our attempt at it

This post is a just a combination of my friends and how we influenced each other – they’re featured in the first 2 posts of Wednesday Wardrobe!

-click on the links below to see details of all the outfits details-

Lunch Date Outfit 

Post-Gym Outfit 

Running Errands Outfit 



Special thank you


the dustbin who acted as our emergency tripod.

We wouldn’t have made it without you!

much love




I can’t believe this!! | Award

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OMMDDD!! I can’t believe this!!

I’ve been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award 🎉


A special thank you to my chica, Covet Luxe, for the nomination! Covet Luxe by Lily is about beauty, food and lifestyle, she’s currently concentrated on beauty and will focus on food soon. Her review on Morphe palettes is a must read if you’re looking to make a purchase.

I’ve created my blog back in June 2015, but only recently posted my first blog because I wanted a platform where I broadcast my love of fashion, food, interior decorations and beauty. While Instagram is great for photos, I couldn’t justify posting 10-15 photo of restaurants I’ve just visited or my favourite outfits that week without spamming everyone. So, that how’s how The Rooftop View [the blog] was born. P.s. I also have a YouTube Channel– I’m currently focusing on making fashion videos but will move on to food and travelling soon 🤞🏼.

While I still consider myself as a new blogger, here are two lessons/tips I’ve learned/ still practising myself:

► Make sure that you are consistent with your posts whether through theme, contents and/or style. Be you and own it!

► Get to know the blogging community [ I’m put this on my daily to-do list as a reminder!- I’ll try to be better at this, I promise]


here are my nominations.

Check them out for fantastic contents!

The August Clause by Imman
The Cherry Blossom by Georgina Rigati
Bloom & Co by Kimberly
Overcast by Heather Stewart
Style by McKenzie by McKenzie Morgan
Style Shark by Savannah Leigh
Lexi Grieve Makeup Artistry by Lexi Grieve
Aleeya Azimulla by Aleeya Azimulla
Kalon by Katie Gibbons
Elysian with love
Girl About Toon by Danielle
A Happy Shade of Blue by Kara
It’s Diana Rus by Diana Rus
Laugh Live & Hippie by Kristina

Here are some rules to accept the nomination:

► Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Write a post to show your award.

Give a brief story of how your blog started.

Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

Select 15 [or more] other bloggers you want to give this award to.

Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.


Can’t wait to read all the nominated bloggers start-up story and experiences!


HELLO 2017 | Chapter Twenty

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Hello 2017,

Here to a fresh start, to new adventures and opportunities. I know that chapter twenty is going to be an incredible one! Sitting here with a cup of coffee on the first day of 2017, looking back and rewinding 2016 moments.

Back in January [second term of uni], I was in my own little world full of independence, freedom and courage to try anything. After moving into a student hall [Q16] in September where 8 strangers were forced to live with each other for 8 months was a worrying concept to me but only 3 months in- they’re some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met.

By the time exam season came around, I was doing okay- amazing friendship with my course mates and flatmates. While trying to balance different friendship groups, uni work, social life and life back home- this meant something had to give which unfortunately was my uni work [don’t worry, I’m back on track now].

After exams finished- I spent most of my summer catching up with friends, visiting more restaurants than a student should and tried to be sociable while was internally worried about year 2 problems which came round pretty fast.

In September, I moved into 125 Station Road with my old flatmates. The excitement level was high, but that didn’t last long as Uni began. The most stressful thing was and still is PLACEMENT. Taking a placement year meant that I have to apply for full-time jobs while still balancing the golden triangle-studying, social life and rest. As mentioned, my grades are much better this year- this meant that I had to give up a large chunk of sleep and social life to balance out the amount of work I had. Even with everything that happened, it doesn’t mean that I not happy and enjoying every single minute- I’m so grateful for all the new memories created and all the wonderful opportunities in my life.

So, as 2016 was the year of “realising stuff” [shout out to Kylie Jenner] here is 2016’s lesson:


Philippians 4:13