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2nd years of uni is coming to a close and I kinda want to go back to the beginning… gone way too fast. I still remember all of my first year’s antics and want to relive every moment on repeat, well some of the moments.

Here to the final week and pushing for motivations of Spring as I have 6,000 words report due on Friday. Enjoy x
















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And we’re back…

Hey hey,

It is 2 weeks until the end of my second year of uni and I’m kinda stressed out rn. All these deadlines and slowing drowning in it… and finals are only a month away!! So, today I am in extream need for motivations













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Hey hey,

For some reason, the weather has been extremely nice the past couple of day and I’m outside sitting on the grass writing this post, it is a weird feeling.

I know,

As embellishment (especially floral designs) has been in since F/W 15, I didn’t commit to purchasing a piece with floral embellishment at first as I was not in the mood or see what I could be wearing it with at the time. But, when I saw this top, I love the subtleness of the embellishments and couldn’t find anything that was similar to it. Until, my trusty old friend, Zara, came out with their spring collection and I saw a shirt extremely similar to this shirt, I regretted but didn’t regret it at the same time because of the price comparison.

Anyways, I just want to show you guys what’ve been liking and likely to wearing during spring,

enjoy x

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*SO sorry that the original post didn’t have photos attached to it, as your girl schedule it to post but took and nap and forgot to add the photos*



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Hey hey,

As Winter is slowly disappearing (finally) and Spring weather is peaking through and daffodils are brightening up my grey days. However, even though I hate winter (the rain, early sunsets and constant greyness) I do love winter styles! I love anything that is in a form of a thin long coat, whether that is a cardigan, shirt… anything that I can layer on top of my basic outfit to give the feel that ‘I’ve tried’ today.

Anyways, you might have seen this featured in the last starry eyes post but I totally adore this jacket and how it fits, feel and look! 

Am talking about the ultimate winter go-to jacket from nowhere else other than 



Even though this jacket is not that affordable, it is a good deal compared to ACNE STUDIOS jacket. While this jacket is no long in stock online, you might be able to pick it up from your local store- this is not a guarantee as it is a very popular jacket. 

I know that the price is quite high, there are other replicas from ASOS, Pretty Little Things and Forever21. Happy hunting!

So, this is how I’ve styled the jacket…

as the weather is pretty cold with a little bit of wind, I decided to wear my knee-high boots to give the whole outfit a bit more drama would be appropriate for a day or night time look.

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Hey hey,

I am extreamly sorry for not posting yesterday!! 

There was an extremely weak reason for not posting yesterday, and that I was on my ‘Readin Week’ which means a week of ‘reading and catching up with work’. Well, as my friend Emma (see my post on her style/photoshoot) was visiting and I went to visiting my other close friend, Kat in Cheltenham meant I didn’t have a lot of time to schedule my Sunday Sanctuary post. But, to make up for this, next Sunday Sanctuary post will be worth the wait- it is about my favourite meal time! BRUNCH!


I can’t confirm the official dates yet, but, I am planning a holiday in April and can’t wait to shop for summer clothes (hint hint *wink), eat amazing street food (another hint) and enjoy the wonderful views! But, right now back to the reality of Uni schedules, coursework (1/6 is due in today, ahh) and trying to balance the triangle (health, social life and uni). 

I hope these pictures and songs inspire and push you through this Monday morning!


// MUSIC //

Looking forwards so much to wear bright colours, well white and blues tones still count as bright colours right?? Also because it is going into spring, I’m changing from the light pink to this orange/red.

What’s you go-to pieces for spring/summer?


More-phe for you! | Fri-Yay

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Hey hey,

As you can tell from the title, my sense of humour is top notch.

Anyways, I would like to introduce you to the most wanted, needed and wished for palette out there!!

// THE MORPHE 35O //






I know that this palette is everywhere but ever since I saw Bretman Rock talked about it, I immediately became obsessed with the orange tones which complement my brown eyes so well [shout out to my brown eyes girls and boys].

After watching and reading numerous reviews, I was going to purchase it as a Christmas present from me to me- the best kind of presents out there. Anyways, due to me not wanting to pay for shipping, I didn’t make the purchase. It was out of stock on UK stock list sites such as Cult Beauty at the time that’s why I was looking at the US site.

So, after not purchasing the palette for Christmas, I was watching it on Cult Beauty but me being me, I forgot to sign up for the email notification- so once it was available, it was sold out extremely fast which means I couldn’t get my hand on it. However, I was lucky enough that the palette was brought for me as a birthday present which I didn’t expect at all!

Thank you so much, Lily ❤️

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I am in love with the orange tones in this palette because of the creamy consistency as well as the amazing pigmentation. The four colours swatches are my current favourite from the palette. This is because of how well it complement each other.

While I haven’t properly experimented [created a finished look] with other colours in the palette, I have tried all of the colours and I would highly recommend it especially if you’re just starting to experiment with eyeshadows. It is easy to apply and remove, so if you mess up, it’s okay! If you use a good eyeshadow primer then there should not be too much of fallout but, it happens, even from expensive palettes. 

As there are no names for each colour, I have come up with a way in which would be easier for everyone to understand what I’m talking about.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset



Base: 5A

Transition: 5B



Base: 2B

Transition: 3B



Base: 3A

Transition: 4B

Depending on what style and look you’re going for, it will depend on how dark you want your crease to be. For a more smoky look, I would recommend using 3E or a black Khol eyeliner, please make sure you’re not too heavy-handed with this and I would recommend building it up slowly for that perfect smokiness.

For the ‘everyday but I’ve tried’ look, I would recommend using 7B and apply it all over your lids and then layer little by little of the 4D in your crease to give you a bit of a definition- use the window wipers motion for this so it is not a hash line. This is what I’ve been doing on my lazy makeup day. To give the look a bit more drama and attention, obvs just add that perfect cat eyes but I have hooded eyes- this is a struggle daily (forever dreaming of that symmetrical almond shaped eyes).

To give the look a bit more drama and attention, obvs just add that perfect cat eyes but I have hooded eyes so this is a daily struggle (forever dreaming of that symmetrical almond shaped eyes).

Hopefully, after more experimentations, I can show you guys how I use these colours on me. For now, if you like what I have to say about this palette, you can purchase it >> HERE <<

What is your favourite colour from this palette?




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Hey hey,

This week Wednesday Wardrobe is about one of my current favourite bodysuit!


I was eyeing this bodysuit for over 5 months when it first originally came out but obvs, I made a pros & cons list (that’s Rory) and by the time the decision was made, it was out of stock. Sad time! 

Well 2 weeks back, I walked into Zara like normal, as I was walking around check out the new releases and not looking or even aiming to make a purchase that day but then… I spotted the stars!- hint starry eyes haha

While I didn’t immediately recognise it [5 months is a long time], I started to walk from the other side of the store so I can full examine it. After removing it from the rail, my eyes opened wide, it was THE bodysuit that I thought was gone forever- one bad thing about Zara, if it is out of stock, it is out of stock! 


after hugging the bodysuit tight and not letting it go, here it is.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset



You might already figure this out that Zara is my go-to shop- I wish I could work there!


You might also notice that I’m changing up my post style as well, I don’t know how I want the aesthetic/theme to be yet… so, if you like the current dark/tan vibes then please comment below.


Perfect Valentine’s Day | S3

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Hey, hey

WHHHAAAATTT, it is not a restaurant review…?

What is happening?

I know, but it is still about food.

As part of the ‘Perfect Valentine’s Day’ series, here are some ideas on what to make at home rather than splashing money a meal at a restaurant- the prices and service charge are ridiculous just because it’s Valentine’s Day!


If you’re an early morning person and the idea of breakfast in bed is your ideal surprise then here are some of the easiest recipes to try and impress your significant other with your cooking skills.


Photograph by Laura Edwards


Pancakes are perfect for pairing with coffee [tea, if you don’t like coffee] in the morning. The smell of pancake and butter cooking doesn’t wake you up, I don’t what will. Garnished with raspberries and crème fraîche to cut the sweet and sickliness feeling of when you’ve eaten too many pancakes- remember the feeling of pancake day which is coming very soon!

For my non-UK peeps,

Pancake Day [Shrove Day] is where you’re allowed to eat as many pancakes as you want without feeling too bad. But, you will not want to eat pancakes for the next couple of weeks. 


Baked eggs with mushrooms, potatoes, spinach and gruyère

I know that not everyone loves sweet breakfast, so here is the healthier version of a full English breakfast. This will be amazing for a day filled with activities! The balance of freshness from the mushrooms and spinach with the creamy consistency of eggs creates a balance of taste.

If you’re going to try this recipe, I would recommend adding spinach at the end of the cooking time as it would retain more of its texture compared to the wilted feel. The residual heat will cook the spinach if you don’t like the green taste.


Depending on what the weather is like and where you are in the world… here are some light lunch ideas which will be perfect for any occasion, not just on Valentine’s day.


Sweet potato, lentil and feta salad [VG]

If you’re planning a heavy dinner date, this is an ideal recipe for a quick lunch which will ensure to leave enough room for dinner. It is a simple, filling and tasty salad which can be made before hand. This is also perfect for a day-to-day lunch!

P.S. if you’re a meat lover, then this is amazing with grilled or oven baked chicken breast with a spicy marinate. 


Grilled shrimp Vietnamese spring rolls

If you’re planning to spend time together during the day instead of night, Vietnamese spring rolls are amazing for a food date! It is interactive, easy and delicious! Vietnamese spring rolls use rice paper rather than the traditional filo pastry. It also does not require heat such as baking or frying.

Finally, it is extremely customisable depends on preference and taste. So, instead of shrimps, you can change it for chicken [for my meat lovers], tofu [for my vegetarians] and quinoa [for my vegans]. You could also make it into a dessert dish by replacing your protein/carb with fruits such as strawberries, peaches and apples instead. For the dipping sauce, you can have varieties of chocolate!

While there are loads of ingredients to prepared beforehand, the process of making it is extremely enjoyable.

It is a social food!


Having a dinner date does not always imply the 3-course meal cause I know that it takes time and planning.

Here are a simple dinner recipe ideas which would be quick, yummy and adjustable!



Prosciutto wrapped goat cheese stuffed dates

This is a quick and easy starter which doesn’t require a lot of planning and can be prepared early on in the day. It is the best of both sweet and savoury world- hello Hannah Montana😂



Creamy leeks and gorgonzola risotto

I always find risotto as a great dish to impress someone with as you can always over or under cooking it. This is based on the person’s preference.

My secret to creating a flavourful risotto is the stock. Don’t put too much of it! this will overpower other favour and it becomes more of a rice soup. 



No-Bake strawberry chocolate tart

While there are your classic ‘chocolate fondant and strawberry’ is great- you can never go wrong with a classic.


This rich tart is even better, especially if it is paired with a glass of red wine!

I know that some people are not a fan of dessert, so another favourite pass time food to me is


Cheese board

This could be customised according to your needs and wants. But I would recommend baked Camembert with carmelised red onion and cranberry sauce with cripsy oven baked prosciutto!


There are hundreds of recipes for the perfect 3-course dinner- even BuzzFeed covered this! To me, if you’re planning a dinner date, do what you both can eat and made before!

When trying out new recipes is a great idea, adventurous and all- the stress of perfecting the night [especially Valentin’s day date] can cause for a not so perfect date night. 


Hope this help inspired everyone with food ideas! I think an ideal date for me will always involves food in some sort of way!

What is your ideal date idea?


** Disclaimer: All photos on this post are not my own unless stated otherwise, they’re taken from Pinterest or credited websites **

Perfect Valentine’s Day | S2

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✨ Welcome to Fri-Yay ✨

Hey hey,

Fri-Yay is a segment focusing on beauty and lifestyle from travelling to hacks, tips and DIY [i’m not sure on the DIY part yet]


as part of my Perfect Valentine’s Day series, today’s post will be based on what I would do before getting ready!! This is the pre-pre getting ready in 6 steps btw.

This could be for anyone in any kind of relationship. Netflix still counts right?? That is one of my longest relationships yet! [Thank you GS]

Anyways, shall we…


Research your outfits | this is a major key as the rest will fall into place if you know what you’re going to be wearing. Depending on how I feel that day and what I’m doing, I would pick one main piece and build my outfit from there.

Check out my Pinterest for inspiration…

Winter style | Latte and black boots


Summer/spring style | Sunkissed & coconut water


What you already have | after getting inspired by your research, everyone always think that they need to buy new pieces to look good. This is WRONG– well depends on the pieces. If you were inspired by a limited collection of Chanel Couture Spring Collection, it is very unlikely that you would find something even similar to their design.

Anyways, have a look at what you have in your closet and see what you have and try to find something similar to your inspired look. Most outfit tends to have one piece of basics such as black jeans, jacket and/or simple tee.


Plan the second outfit | I know this might sound crazy and why would you put yourself through the process of finding another outfit. Well, I don’t know about you but sometimes I change my mind at the very last minutes just because if I didn’t really feel the outfit.

So I always have my backup outfit which is ‘all black everything’. You might figure this out already that I love black… it is my go-to colour. Black jeans and black top. If I want to add colours to my outfit, I would do through accessorising with rings, necklaces and shoes.


Decide your makeup look | I know that not everyone goes all out with the Instagram makeup look but researching on what look you’re aiming for will reduce the time on the day. This will decrease your stress level.

If you’re trying that cut creased or glitter eyes then I would recommend practising it at least once if you have never tried it before- trust me on this, attempt cut crease when you only have 30 minutes to get ready will not go well 😂


Prep your skin | this is a must especially if you’re planning to go out clubbing as your skin will dehydrate much faster than a romantic dinner date kind of night. I always try to make sure that on the day, I would leave enough time to apply a hydrating face mask and then tone my skin and add moisture back to my skin through either oil or serum. 


Enjoy the process |  If your makeup didn’t turn out how you wanted it and your outfit is not exactly like your inspired look, DON’T WORRY.

Remember, it is not what you look like that makes memories, it’s the company[ies] and being in the moment!




Have an amazing night,

whether you’re going to a candle lit dinner, 


out with the girls/guys,


just sitting on the sofa with bae [real life or Netflix] 

Comment what are your pre-pre getting ready routine!





Perfect Valentine’s Day | S1

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Hey hey and we’re back! 

This time Wednesday Wardrobe is going to be based on Valentine’s Day! 

While I am a single pringle, I still love to dress up for dates night with my girls- one of my favourite pass time activities!


This dress is pretty thin as there is only a slip-on dress underneath, so on a cold day, it would not be ideal. However, the dress does complement all figure, shape and size due to the sheer materials which make it extremely adjustable. For example, as the dress is a little bit long for my preference, I’ve added a belt to raise up the helm line for a more flirty feel.


I know that this is an all black outfit and most ‘Valentine’s Day looks’ will consist of a pop of red, pink tone pieces but this could be easily done through accessories!. I think the sheerness of the dress and the deep V added an essence of spice and sexiness to the whole look without revealing too much!


BTW: This is not sponsored by H&M, I just really like their recent releases!

I hope this is an inspiration to anyone who’s looking for

a cute dinner date outfit


just want to rock an all black look!

*side notes: look at those calves tho!!- ty cycling 🚴🏼

Comment if you spot CovetLuxe in the video