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Hey hey, 

Wednesday is finally here and 2 weeks until last day of the second year and THAILAND!!

While I’ve been showing you what my style is but haven’t really mentioned who, what and where I’m influenced by…


Claire is one the main influence when it comes to chill and street vibes styles because I love her edgy jeans and a white tee. I first felt in love with her style when I saw her video of 3 Quick Fall Outfits <<HERE>> Ever since that video, I’ve been following and seeing how her style changes and how it also affects me and how my street and relax wears changes as well.

THE QUEEN OF BOHEMIAN!! I’ve been a fan of Vanessa Hudgens since the OG days (HMS4LYFE). Anyways, as you know I have 2 styles, the street and the sweet sides especially during the Spring and Summer. Her influences on me are the stripes, light tones and hairstyles.

The other HUDGENS. Stella gives more of a sexy feel with a bohemian twist. The off the shoulders and cleavage style.

Amy’s feminine flowy dress and she are always up to date and on trends which why she influences my style so much when I want to try and experiment on up current trends.

I don’t love not just because of her cooking and sense of humour but also her easy business style yet sexy. Her twist on a classic on a button up and blazer!

Emelie knows how to layer different items with different accessories! If you’re stuck on how accessories then she is your go through girl!!

HB! The girl who how who knows how to make plain items looks stylish without trying- me all day every day if I could!


Who’s your style influencer?